Junk button doesn't work properly, reverts back to "Not Junk" immediately



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Steps to reproduce:

I'm using TB 38.5 on Ubuntu-GNOME 14.04. As soon as I mark a message as junk, it reverts back to "not-junk" status immediately.

Actual results:

As soon as I mark a message as junk, it reverts back to "not-junk" status immediately (See attached clip).

Expected results:

The email message should have been marked junk properly.
Do you still see your problem?

What kind of account? imap? pop3?
Is the "Junk mail what you marked as NonJunk" Unread state mail? 
Do you define message filter rule of "Filter AFTER Junk Classification"?

If imap && Filter AFTER && Unread && learnig by Junk filter is not suffient yet, such phenomenon may occur.
1. At Junk folder, Mark it as NonJunk with Unread state -> Moved to Inbox, with Unread state
2. At Inbox, because the moved back mail is new mail(new UID in Inbox && Unread), bug 770137 occurs, and Junk filtering is invoked.
3. Because "this kind of mail==Junk" is still held in learning data of Junk filtering, the mail is marked as Junk again and is moved to Junk again.
It may occur without "Filter AFTER Junk Classification" rules.

If this kind of phenomenon, change Junk mail to Read state before Mark As NonJunk, and do "Mark As NonJunk" multiple times to reduce Junk Score like one of this kind of mail in learning data of Junk filtering(Bayesian Filter).

> The email message should have been marked junk properly.

Junk filter in Thunderbird is Bayesian Filter, so learning is mandatory.
If such mails are wrongly marked as Junk frequently, mark it as NonJunk by message filter based on charactistics of the mail.
Junk filtering is not applied to mail which is marked as NonJunk by your message filter.
Sorry, phenomenon was opposit.
Bug 770137 looks to occur on Junk folder, so "mail moved to Junk by Mark As Junk" may be marked as NonJunk by Junk filter when Bug 770137 occurs if learning is not sufficient yet. Please try "Mark As Read before Mark As Junk".


2 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 602831
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