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freshclam fails to update the DB


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I pulled down the image locally and was able to run the command to update the db.  Perhaps a intermittent network issue? Or we can't connect to this db address from the container when it runs in the build.
Yeah, it's intermittent. Probably related to the load on the clamav mirrors.

Some ideas:

1) we can regenerate the images regularly
 * pros: no need to run freshclam
 * cons: need to use ":latest" in the tasks or use some service to tell the last good sha256; need to schedule this

2) don't fail if freshclam fails. Probably the easiest way to go. Failures are not frequent, so it won't probably hurt.
We can probably refresh the images as a separate task and publish the images as artifacts, but I'm not sure how to use them
Yeah, I looked at how to run a commmand in docker (freshclam) and not fail starting the image if it failed but didn't find a way to do that.
another idea:

1) create a task to generate an image and use dockerSave feature (see

2) reference the image as in Not sure if the dependencies are tracked automatically
Blocks: 1204281 may be something that would address the "don't fail if freshclam fails". I haven't tested it though.
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I tested it and it works
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I think we also need to update all beetmover calls in releasetasks and add "--refresh-antivirus". Would be great to have add a test to catch beetmover tasks without "--refresh-antivirus" passed
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We don't need to update the beetmover calls in releasetasks.  When I tested it, I just used an existing taskid and the same call to mh (with a bogus bucket/credentials).  Beetmover is just called like this via releasetasks:

python scripts/release/ --template configs/beetmover/source.yml.tmpl --platform linux64 --version {{ version }} --locale en-US --taskid {{ stableSlugId(buildername) }} --build-num build{{ buildNumber }} --bucket {{ beetmover_candidates_bucket }}

The specific mh actions aren't referenced in the call.
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We need a new image for rail/funsize-update-generator too but perhaps this should be part of bug 1259425
(In reply to Pulsebot from comment #10)

Can you uplift this patch also to aurora, beta, and esr45?

(In reply to Kim Moir [:kmoir] from comment #11)
> We need a new image for rail/funsize-update-generator too but perhaps this
> should be part of bug 1259425

We can tackle that separately. Updated the image:

Digest: sha256:d1c88af7f13d124e08a37d10203e9e60655a231301123e5f2127fab5468ef5dd
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keeping open to address the remaining issues.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
other changes were needed to be added for beta and esr45 since funsize files were missing there. 

I landed the relevant changes on m-a and m-b but m-esr45 is closed now so will try again later
merged this pull request and landed changes on mozilla-esr45 too now that it is open
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No longer blocks: 1411358
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