Open Bug 1267164 Opened 8 years ago Updated 7 years ago

Meta: Migrate WordPress community sites to WP Engine


(Participation Infrastructure :: Community Ops, task)

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(Reporter: yousef, Unassigned)


(Depends on 15 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


This bug is to track the migration of WordPress community sites from various hosting providers to the Community PaaS & MainWP.
Depends on: 1267166
Depends on: 1267169
Depends on: 1267168
Depends on: 1267172
Depends on: 1267173
Depends on: 1267174
Depends on: 1267175
Depends on: 1267177
Depends on: 1267182
Depends on: 1267181
Depends on: 1267183
Depends on: 1267185
Depends on: 1267188
Depends on: 1267190
Depends on: 1267193
Depends on: 1267194
Depends on: 1267196
Depends on: 1310176
Yousef, is this bug moving to MCWS (:tad) in the face of moving to Mozilla's WPengine?
Flags: needinfo?(yousef)
Yep, it is
Flags: needinfo?(yousef)
Summary: Meta: Migrate WordPress community sites to the PaaS → Meta: Migrate WordPress community sites to WP Engine
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