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Migrate to PaaS


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(Whiteboard: [mcws-migration])

Community: Mozilla Ireland

- WordPress

Planned migration:
We plan to move the WordPress instance to the PaaS using MainWP and RDS. The domain has been taken by a squatter so that needs to be resolved before the migration

Please let us know if we have missed any services or if any of the above services are no longer needed.
Blocks: 1267164
Whiteboard: [mcws-migration]

Any ideas how to get movement on this one? Basically needs a new home.
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Until we can get the domain back we can't host anything on it. I've pinged Tad on the blocking bug.
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Assignee: nobody → michael
Assignee: michael → michael
Thanks Yousef, 

Note: URL: is not the correct one. is what we'll use.

I've filed the bug to get us in control of the DNS. From there it shouldn't take too long.
Depends on: 1302653
Summary: Migrate to PaaS → Migrate to PaaS
Just to query this. 

Email addr. 

Can we also have two addresses.
I'd argue having a personal email would be beneficial as well for giving you legitimacy in some conversations.
That could work as well!
For the emails, can you file an IT request ( for them?
Mentor: yousef
Done. See 1267181
Hi Stephen,

Kindly share a list of users who need accounts for admin. You can share on my email.
Flags: needinfo?(stephen.jd.murphy)
Depends on: 1278876
Hi Michael,

The only users who require admin right now are myself and Sean.

What information do you need for this?
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Hi Stephen,

Just email me your preferred admin username and email. That applies for Sean too.
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Is there anything blocking this?
(In reply to Yousef Alam [:yalam96] from comment #13)
> Stephen,
> Is there anything blocking this?

I don't believe there is anything pending apart from [1278876], if that's even blocking?
See comment 12, Michael just needs preferred usernames (and email addresses) for Sean and yourself.
No problem. I'll ping Sean
Flags: needinfo?(stephen.jd.murphy)
Hi folks,

It's been along time without any activity on this and the setup of the new website. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here but can we dust this off and move forward with the site/setup. 

What are the steps we need to take on this?
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