Defaults LDAP directories should be removed from Address Book window



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(Reporter: yulian, Assigned: srilatha)


Windows 2000
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2002022103 Wins builds

After migrating profile from 4.x, Infospace, netcenter and verisign LDAP
directories still appear in the Address Book window. These default directories
in 4.x are no longer in LDAP Preferences after migration.

Prefs.js as following:

user_pref("ldap_2.prefs_migrated", true);
user_pref("", "UTF-8");
user_pref("", "aol");
user_pref("", "aol.mab");
user_pref("", 4);
user_pref("", 0);
user_pref("", "dc=com");
user_pref("", "");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.csid", "UTF-8");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.description", "bologna");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.filename", "bologna.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.position", 5);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.searchBase", "dc=mcom,dc=com");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.bologna.serverName", "");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.history.filename", "history.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.history.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.infospace.csid", "UTF-8");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.infospace.filename", "infospace.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.infospace.position", 8);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.infospace.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("", true);
user_pref("", "UTF-8");
user_pref("", "international");
user_pref("", "international.mab");
user_pref("", true);
user_pref("", 3);
user_pref("", 0);
user_pref("", "");
user_pref("", "");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.csid", "UTF-8");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.description", "manuka");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.filename", "manuka.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.position", 7);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.searchBase", "dc=com");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.serverName", "");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.manuka.uri", "ldap://");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.netcenter.csid", "UTF-8");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.netcenter.filename", "netcenter.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.netcenter.position", 6);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.netcenter.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.pab.csid", "iso-8859-1");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.pab.filename", "abook.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.pab.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.csid", "UTF-8");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.description", "people");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.filename", "people.mab");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.position", 2);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.replication.lastChangeNumber", 0);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.searchBase", "ou=people,dc=netscape,dc=com");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.people.serverName", "");
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.v.position", 0);
user_pref("", "UTF-8");
user_pref("", "verisign.mab");
user_pref("", 9);
user_pref("", 0);
Whiteboard: nab-ldap
I presume this needs to be tracked with the other similar ones under bug 125821?
Blocks: 125821
Restart will fix it.

Ian, I took a look at this. I was hoping to find a solution that would satisfy
both this and bug #127007. But I am a little confused. In Netscape 4.x, LDAP
Directory Servers plus infospace, verisign and netcenter preferences assigned
the preference value "filename" to <name>.na2 and these get migrated to Mozilla
to <name>.na2. This filename suffix explains why the LDAP Directory Servers do
not appear as per bug #127007, but in this case according to your preference
file, these migrated values appear as <name>.mab which is the Mozilla Mork
Address Book suffix. Am I missing something here?
I think the prefs file the original reporter has posted is misleading.

I have migrated a freshly created profile that has netcenter and verisign in its
list of directory servers and they are still listed with .na2 in the mozilla
prefs file.

The question is do we want to migrate the default entries which are created by
NS4.x? If so then the bug should probably be marked invalid, if not then it will
be tied into bug 127007 as you say above.

Thanks Ian, my point exactly. When you migrated the 4.x profile, I presume that
the verisign and netcenter did not appear in the Address Book pane? I could not
re-create this. Perhaps the reporter might clarify.
That is correct neither appeared in the addressbook within mozilla.
John's observation (Comment #3) is absolutely right. All the LDAP Directory
Servers  including infospace, verisign and netcenter get migrated to <name>.mab
for me by running Netscape Commercial builds. So I see all the Directories in
Address Book.

infospace, verisign and netcenter are defaults to 4.x and should be removed from
Address Book window after migration. They have been removed from Preferences but
not Address Book. This is a different issue and shouldn't be tied into Bug 127007.
In turbo mode, restart cannot help. Default Directory Servers from 4.x always
appear in Address Book until turn off Quick Launch in Prefs|Advanced and restart.
20020507 branch on Win2k

Behaves same as Comment#8.
QA Contact: yulian → gchan
Product: MailNews → Core
This won't/can't happen any more as we (Thunderbird or SeaMonkey) are no longer able to import address books from Netscape 4.x and the old defaults have been removed (bug 379647).

Therefore resolving as WFM.
Closed: 12 years ago
QA Contact: grylchan → ldap-integration
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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