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code cleanup of LDAP autocomplete pref panel js, addressbook properties js


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code cleanup of LDAP autocomplete pref js

there is some autocomplete pref js that is doing stuff that the back end code 
already does.

spefically, we have js to enumerate all ldap servers, for dynamically 
determining the unique "prefname",  for poking the prefs when adding or 
deleting or modifying ldap servers.

instead, we should be using the existing nsIAddressBook interface, to which we 
need to add a modify()

some bugs that relate to this:

124057  nor -- PC NEW  mozilla0.9.9 nab-ldap when I 
delete addressbooks from the prefs (addressing panel)  
124059  nor -- PC NEW  --- nab-ldap when I add LDAP 
directories from the prefs (addressing panel  
124061  nor -- PC NEW  --- nab-ldap when I delete a LDAP 
directory from the addressbook, there a  
124064  nor -- PC NEW  --- nab-ldap when I add an LDAP 
directory from the addressbook (not imple  
124553  nor -- PC NEW  --- nab-ldap Changes to LDAP 
properties in Address Book window not reflec
one more bug, #125823 (add modify() to nsIAddressBook.idl and use it.)

there's a lot of code to clean up, we shouldn't be writing or reading from 
prefs directly.

I don't think we need to re-write all the code before 0.9.9 or 1.0, but we 
should start with the code that writes prefs, and later fix the does the 

the reason we need to fix the write-pref code first, is that it poking prefs 
directly causes bugs that the user can see.
No longer depends on: 124553
Depends on: 83114
Depends on: 127007
Depends on: 127110
*** Bug 83114 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Depends on: 128340
Depends on: 128342
QA Contact: nbaca → gchan
cavin has fixed some of this already.
Assignee: srilatha → cavin
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Depends on: 408613
Assignee: cavin → mail
QA Contact: grylchan → addressbook
The remaining work on this will be done in bug 305434.
Closed: 16 years ago
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