opening message compose crashes in dibeng.dll and brings Windows 98 down with it



17 years ago
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Windows 98

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17 years ago
Using a morning talkbalk build from 2/23, opening a message compose window 
crashes after I say "no" to "do you want to make Moz your default mail app?".  
I can get this crash by pressing Ctrl+M in the browser, and I think it also 
happens if I click Compose in mail.

Reproducability: crashed 3/3 times, took Windows 98 down with it 2/3 times.  
When it took Windows down with it, a white crash dialog appeared before or 
instead of the normal grey crash dialog.  Talkbalk never appeared.


17 years ago
Keywords: crash, smoketest
Does this crash occur as soon as you hit compose/Ctrl+M, or after it starts
loading? I don't have a mail account, but up to the point that you described, I
couldn't reproduce it. Win98, Build 2002022308.

Comment 2

17 years ago
Mozilla crashes after the message window appears, and after I click "no" to a
default-mailer dialog.

By the way, the "grey" crash is in dibeng.dll.
Summary: opening message compose crashes all of Windows 98 → opening message compose crashes in dibeng.dll and brings Windows 98 down with it

Comment 3

17 years ago
When the "white" crash occurs, I see a large white crash dialog with the buttons
"Close" and "Ignore".  When I click "close", a pattern of short green lines
appears all the way across my monitor, through the middle of the toolbar:
||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
The "close" button is still depressed when Windows hangs.

Both crashes only happen if I use the modern theme; classic works fine.

Comment 4

17 years ago
I am seeing same crash behavior with same build on Win98.  The compose window
starts to come up but is not completely drawn:  the (white) backgrounds for any
textfields are not yet painted at time of crash.  I haven't seen it crash in
dibeng.dll--it only shows module '<unknown>' for me.  This also using modern
theme.  Also, Windows does not die, but many form elements are no longer
rendered correctly in subsequent runs of mozilla and some letters from some
fonts do not appear completely drawn.
or is it something new that mozilla is doing that is exposing this win98 issue?

Comment 7

17 years ago
I took a 2-23 commercail build and tested around this on win98, can't reproduce.
I tested this with 4.7 as the default email app, and again with Outlook Express
as the default email app and when I was prompted with the dialog when opening
mail in NS6 (2/23 build), I clicked No and finished composing my message and
sending it. No crash.  We need more details.  What app was the designated
default at the time?  
jesse:  I'm assuming you get the same crash even if you don't get the "default 
mail app" dialog, right?
jesse / paxunix, can you help narrow down when this started happening?

what was the last build that didn't have this problem?

Comment 10

17 years ago
I tried this with the 2-23 moz build w/talkback, again No crash.

Comment 11

17 years ago
I can reproduce this bug simply by opening Composer, so default-mail-app isn't
the issue.

Comment 12

17 years ago
Since this doesn't happen in Classic theme, could it be related to the fix for
126594 and 122996?  Or to the breakage that messed up the Modern chrome for
those bugs to begin with?

I agree that it appears unrelated to the default mail client.  I went into
Mail&News, answered "no" to default mail client query, downloaded mail, then hit
"compose" button and got the crash.  Interestingly, the exact same set of steps
succeeded without crash once today.  That's the first time it had worked and I
retried the same set of steps again and got the same crash.  It hasn't worked
again yet.
not a mail issue, see

over to dcone, he seems like a better owner than ducarroz, since it might be 
related to #122996.
Assignee: ducarroz → dcone
Keywords: smoketest
also, removing the smoketest keyword since it isn't affecting all win98 users.

this is serious, but not worth keeping the tree closed for, until we get some 
more data.

Comment 15

17 years ago
1.)  The original checkin to use the PatBlt was on 2002-02-19 
2.)  The second checkin was on Saturday Night 2002-02-23 10:00 pm

Bug 126594 was generated on friday 2002-02-22 because of some windows 98 
problems about drawing poorly, but never a crash.  So if checkin number 1 did 
cause this problem.. it would have been crashing since 2-19.  Checkin 2 could 
not have caused it because that was after this problem was reported.

So there are a few things to test.
1.)  Did the problem.. appear after 2-19, but not before or was it only on the      
     2/23 builds.  Why does it not crash just launching 
     Mozilla on windows 98 with modern skin.  I did verify it rendered poorly 
     with my 2-19 build and rendered correctly after my 2/24 checkin.

2.)  If you have a reproducable crash.. you can test to see if the PatBlt causes 
this crash by making the test in nsImageWin.cpp and changing the test from
Line 970 
"if((mBHead->biWidth<8)&&(mBHead->biHeight<8)){"  to
"if(1) {"

so the PatBlt will never get executed.  If the crash goes away.. then this is 
the culprit.  I have not been able to reproduce this crash with my build pulled 
on Friday 2/22/2002.. that has my changes in it.

Comment 16

17 years ago
 Build        Composer crash?            Modern skin background in browser?
02/14.03         no crash                           works fine
02/18.03         no crash                           works fine
02/19.03         crashes                            ugly
02/23.03         crashes                            ugly
02/25.03         crashes                            works fine

So bug 122996's change from && to || didn't fix the crash.

In 022503, the only part of the window that isn't drawn before the crash is the
Composer "toolbar logo" (on the left side of the toolbar).

I don't have a build system set up here, so I can't test with if(1).  Anyone
want to buy me a copy of MSVC? :)

Comment 17

17 years ago
Could be the windows problem:;EN-US;q235618 update and 

and the PatBlt thats part of the new background code I installed on Windows 98.. 
could be triggering?

Comment 18

17 years ago
The article and the article are both
vague.  Neither mentions PatBlt (dibeng.dll probably contains much more) and
neither has a program you can download to test whether you're seeing the same
crash the article is talking about.

I tried updating my graphics driver through Windows Update, but it just said the
driver I have is the latest.

From control panel -> display -> settings -> advanced -> adapter:

Manufacturer:     SiS
Chip type:        6326 APG REV H0
DAC type:         Internal
Memory:           8 MB
Features:         DirectDraw 1.00
Software version: 4.0
Current files:    sis6326m.drv,*vdd,sis6326m.vxd,dd326_32.dl...

Comment 19

17 years ago
The following may be interesting: (especially for weeding out dupes)

I start Mozilla using the mail client on Win98SE (fully updated with all fixes 
from microsoft with IE 5.5 (that has to be mentioned as many IE components 
acording to MS are OS components)). My current Mozilla build is 2002022503.

Opening up the Webbrowser works.
Opening up the Composer (for web pages) brings up error(1), the composer was 
fully visibe before the crash.
Just pressing compose in the mail window (plain text mail compose) brings up 
the window, but crashes immediately with error 2:
Entering the address book brings up error 3 after displaying the window.

Sorry I don't have any talkback, but talkback doesn't even fire or is not in 
the mozilla-win32-installer-sea.exe of 0225. It has never been missing in any 
of the builds I have used before.

What I think is interesting is that in every above mentioned case, it is always 
the same DLL causing the problem and nearly all the registers contain the same 

What is also interesting, that replying to a mail worked fine until after so 
and so many crashes. I'll post this, reboot the machine and say if it still 

This has never brought down windows for me though.

error 1:

MOZILLA verursachte eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung
in Modul DIBENG.DLL bei 0003:00000fa9.
EAX=000000c8 CS=03b7 EIP=00000fa9 EFLGS=00000206
EBX=0000009c SS=3a67 ESP=0000b910 EBP=0000b92e
ECX=00000042 DS=5416 ESI=00001ec0 FS=540f
EDX=00000000 ES=206f EDI=001a1978 GS=0377
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
f3 67 a5 80 d1 00 f3 67 a4 66 03 76 ee 66 03 7e 
0000cb46 00000000 00000004 00000000 00000000 b9380607 0497854c b9460607 
04974b5e 54170000 00001f40 00000004 540f0000 b9700607 04bf0b38 1e3a19e6 

error 2:
MOZILLA verursachte eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung
in Modul DIBENG.DLL bei 0003:00000fa9.
EAX=000000c8 CS=03b7 EIP=00000fa9 EFLGS=00000206
EBX=0000009c SS=6fbf ESP=0000b910 EBP=0000b92e
ECX=00000042 DS=59be ESI=00001ec0 FS=59c7
EDX=00000000 ES=206f EDI=001a38b8 GS=0377
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
f3 67 a5 80 d1 00 f3 67 a4 66 03 76 ee 66 03 7e 
0000d3b6 00000000 00000004 00000000 00000000 b9380607 0497854c b9460607 
04974b5e 59bf0000 00001f40 00000004 59c70000 b9700607 04bf0b38 1f961cbe 

error 3:

MOZILLA verursachte eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung
in Modul DIBENG.DLL bei 0003:00000fa9.
EAX=000000c8 CS=03b7 EIP=00000fa9 EFLGS=00000206
EBX=0000009c SS=6a07 ESP=0000b910 EBP=0000b92e
ECX=00000042 DS=3c6e ESI=00001ec0 FS=71df
EDX=00000000 ES=206f EDI=001a7738 GS=0377
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
f3 67 a5 80 d1 00 f3 67 a4 66 03 76 ee 66 03 7e 
0000d442 00000000 00000004 00000000 00000000 b9380607 0497854c b9460607 
04974b5e 3c6f0000 00001f40 00000004 71df0000 b9700607 04bf0b38 19de11c6 


Comment 20

17 years ago
I just ran on my Windows 98 box.. brought up composer.. and it worked just fine. 
I can not repro this problem.  I think its a driver issue/windows 98.  I can
remedy this by taking out the PatBlt... the only problem would be is that window
98 would not render backgrounds as fast.

Comment 21

17 years ago
Some additional information:

I went back to build 0222 - and eventhough I had used this build for several
days with the error only occuring once or twice, when I installed it after 0225,
I got the same error now every single time as I did with 0225 - even when
replying to mail, which didn't happen before.

I went back even further to 0218 - even here it was showing problems. This must
have something to do with a tainted profile. 

I made a backup of my profile, created a new one, and now it worked. Now I
copied my old profile into the new profile replacing all the files, opened up a
text editor to edit the prefs (did a search and replace on all the paths so it
would find my mail folders again)

Now it is working again on 0218 again, and I expect 0222 to also work also again.

0222 has the problem of the ugly themes though. Apart from that it was a nice build.

Comment 22

17 years ago
More data points for me:

- using a completely new profile has no effect
- copying old profile that saw the crash into new profile has no effect

Given those...

Builds from 2-15 and 2-18 have NOT exhibited the crash.
All later builds have crashed in the same place every time I try to compose a

Comment 23

17 years ago
I am just gonna pull the PatBlt from windows 98/95 builds then.. seems there is 
no consistency.. or its not clear if the drivers are having a real problem with 
this.  Not worth the speed up to have this inconsistent behavior.

Comment 24

17 years ago
Created attachment 71490 [details] [diff] [review]
take the PatBlt out from windows 98 and 95

Comment 25

17 years ago

Comment 26

17 years ago
Comment on attachment 71490 [details] [diff] [review]
take the PatBlt out from windows 98 and 95

r=rods (migrated from comment)


please fix the comment though, it is pretty confusing as it stands now.
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Attachment #71490 - Flags: review+

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17 years ago
Created attachment 71514 [details] [diff] [review]
Updated the comments
Attachment #71490 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Comment on attachment 71490 [details] [diff] [review]
take the PatBlt out from windows 98 and 95

a=shaver for 0.9.9
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Comment 29

17 years ago
*** Bug 127850 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***


17 years ago
Keywords: nsbeta1+
*** Bug 127854 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
I think bug 126138 is also affected by this.

Comment 32

17 years ago
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Jesse, is this fixed for you now?  I don't believe I've seen this ever on my
win2k box.

Comment 34

17 years ago
Yes, this is fixed for me.  I've been using nightlies again (instead of my
"ancient" 2/14 build) since 2/28.
Thanks man, verified!
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Product: Core → MailNews Core
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