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Implement Certificate Transparency support (RFC 6962)


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Depends on: 1284256
Depends on: 1293231
See Also: → 944175
Depends on: 1305289
Depends on: 1308787
Depends on: 1315648
Depends on: 1317951
Depends on: 1320566
Depends on: 1320567
Depends on: 1355903

Any update on this important security feature?

See Also: → 1412438
Type: defect → task
Severity: normal → S3

Should this bug be closed due to the feature being deprecated?

Note: The Expect-CT is mostly obsolete since June 2021. Since May 2018, all new TLS certificates are expected to support SCTs by default. Certificates issued before March 2018 were allowed to have a lifetime of 39 months, so they had expired in June 2021. Chromium plans to deprecate Expect-CT header and to eventually remove it.

No - "Expect-CT" (the HTTP header) is not the same thing as CT (the general feature).

Depends on: 1827627
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