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Write mochitests tests for the UI for editing events/tasks in a tab


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There are currently mozmill tests for the window dialog for editing events/tasks.  Make versions of these tests for the tab UI for editing events/tasks (see bug 1277972).
Depends on: 984044
Blocks: ltn54
Blocks: 983787
Should we make versions of all the event-Dialog tests for this, or is it sufficient that we have one test that demonstrates, that the integration of the dialog int the tab is working.

The iframe of the dialog stays the same after all...
We probably don't need to test everything, since e.g. editing recurrences isn't different whether in tab or window mode.

What comes to mind as a good start (in descending order of importance) would be to test that

- switching between tab and window mode is working (bug 1321882)
- saving without closing works (bug 1297425)
- closing without saving works
- save & close works
- only writable events are opened in a tab (as long bug 1294924 isn't implemented)
- the menu items in File and Event&Task menus are working properly (see also bug 1321991)
- shortcuts are working (e.g. bug 1300845)
- timezone is displayed properly (bug 1302487)
- opening the same event twice doesn't open a second tab but moves the focus to the existing one (bug 1297423; not yet implemented)
Priority: -- → P5
Assignee: nobody → Mozilla
As I start work on this, one question arises:
Should we enable our shared modules to cope with in-tab editing, or is it sufficient to do it only for this test.

I would opt for the latter, since enabling the shared modules is a lot more work and I think it is enough to check the functionality in a single test.
If I find out, that it is simple to change, I might use the shared functions anyway.
It showed, that the differences are quite few.
So in a first step I changed the invokeEventDialog and setData functions to cope with any event editing dialog.

Then I let the testEventDialog run twice - once normally and once with in-Tab-Editing.

I also found a glitch in the Toolbarbutton-handling which I corrected.

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I found that I have to think again about the code finding the Tab, since closing and opening an event tab causes its index number to rise.
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Summary: Write mozmill tests for the UI for editing events/tasks in a tab → Write mochitests tests for the UI for editing events/tasks in a tab
Assignee: Mozilla → nobody
No longer blocks: 983787, ltn54
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