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Tracking bug for Lightning 5.4 release


(Calendar :: General, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: MakeMyDay, Unassigned)


(Depends on 4 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Meta bug for tracking 5.2

String freeze for TB 52 is on 07-NOV-2016, interface freeze is probably sometimes later.
If you make a bug blocking this meta bug, that includes string changes, please also add [needs strings] to the whiteboard of the repsective bug.
Switching to [l10n impact] instead of [needs strings] along with TB.
No longer blocks: 463402, 1206502, 1225784
Depends on: 463402, 1206502, 1225784
Bug list for l10n tracking:
Depends on: 1273500
Depends on: 1301422
Depends on: 1299610
Depends on: 1266424
Depends on: 1300849
Depends on: 1302487
Depends on: 1297426
Depends on: 1297425
Depends on: 1294926
Depends on: 1273489
Depends on: 1295970
Blocks: 1295861
No longer blocks: 1295861
Depends on: 1295861
Depends on: 1300845
Depends on: 1303619
Depends on: 1317064
Not all bugs with l10n impact landed in time. I'm going to start to tag those which still may deserve an uplift with [late-l10n]. Here's a query to get all of them:
One more thing: if you have a bug that is also a candidate, you can nominate it the same way. But please do not land those bugs on Aurora individually even if these have an a+, so that we can land all late-l10n calendar bugs coordinated in a whole with an appropriate announcement to the l10n list.
Depends on: 1321882
No longer depends on: 1295970
No longer depends on: 463402
Depends on: 1321991
Depends on: 1322262
Depends on: 1322261
Depends on: 1324006
Lightning 5.4 has been released, closing this bug. If it is necessary to track the remaining bugs for point releases lets create a new bug.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer depends on: 1299610
No longer depends on: 1294926
No longer depends on: 1302487
No longer depends on: 1206502
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