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Rename and Reimage 20 machines that were moved from Windows 7 pool to Windows XP pool


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Please  help with renames (on nagios and inventory) and reimages  for Bug 1297173.

on short these 20 slaves are to be moved from Windows7 pool to XP pool.

These will be disabled:

The new hosts will became :

Updated in inventory.
Updated in nagios in svn revision 121031.

Will start reimaging shortly.
Assignee: relops → arich
I was able to ping all of the hosts that were reimaged, but I suggest doing a basic check of them to make sure they installed correctly.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
After checking all machines we have 16 that are ok and I enabled them in slavealloc and I will keep monitoring their status.
However there are 4 machines which did not change and are still seen as windows 7 machines:

t-xp32-ix-142 is seen as t-w732-ix-281
t-xp32-ix-139 is seen as t-w732-ix-278
t-xp32-ix-128 is seen as t-w732-ix-267
t-xp32-ix-125 is seen as t-w732-ix-264

Can you take a look on these 4 machine and do another re-image?

Resolution: FIXED → ---
Another issue detected here: the new XP machines default to the integrated video card and thus, run at a wrong resolution (1024x768). 
@Amy: can you please take a look when you have some time?
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I've kicked off a reimage on the four that failed. The onboard video cards *should* be turned off since these were windows 7 machines. Van, can you please check?
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t-xp32-ix-128, t-xp32-ix-139 and t-xp32-ix-142 are changed, and also have the resolution (1024x768).
But t-xp32-ix-125 is still seen as t-w732-ix-264.
>I've kicked off a reimage on the four that failed. The onboard video cards *should* be turned off since these were windows 7 machines. Van, can you please check?

:arr, correct win 7 uses the secondary video card but XP uses onboard. so i need to reenable all the cards on 123-142?
:van: No, they should all be using the third party NVIDIA card, hence my puzzlement that andrei says some of them are not.
:arr, i checked t-xp32-ix-[139,142] and they are both using the 3rd party card first. 

1)during POST, the host displays via the Nvida card.
2)once the OS starts booting, it switches over to the onboard card. i have to change my monitor input from dvi to vga
3)im assuming Nvidia xp drivers are installed as right clicking the desktop shows me a Nvidia option. nothing happens when choosing this option though.
4)under desktop properties, i can select the Nvidia card and it has the range of resolution - 800x600 all the way to 1900x1200. the onboard's max resolution is 1280x1024
5)selecting the Nvidia card and choosing 1600x1200 resolution does nothing.

let me know what else you'd like me to test.
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:aobreja: Can you confirm which machines you're seeing the incorrect resolution on?
Amy all new machines which were renamed from t-win732-ix have this resolution of (1024x768),I have attach a printscreen from one machine.
The machines with this resolution are: t-xp32-ix-[123,124] and t-xp32-ix-[126-142]

And t-xp32-ix-125 is still seen as t-w732-ix-264 (probably the re-image didn't end well here)
Q: could you take a look at the resolution issue?
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Fakemon seems to be adding the monitor but not switching inputs. I am looking at 139 and 140 now still trying to debug.
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It looks like the display order of these machines is out of whack the Nvidia card is being read as the primary so fake mon is switching to the secondary which is the matrox. The primary card in the bios should be set to onboard. I ma verifying that now. I can tweak fakemon.vbs to be a little more robust and try to identify the video card type dynamically if needed.
We need the onboard video set as the primary boot display in bios for XP to work properly. Van how hard would it be to roll through and change this ?
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not a problem, i'll take care of this Monday.
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I was able to update all of these via SOL and enable them in slavealloc and reboot. 125 had to be reimaged.
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