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Re-implement move the first summary to the front on details' shadow tree


(Core :: Layout, defect, P3)





(Reporter: TYLin, Unassigned)


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The spec says this for details element.

The element's shadow tree is expected to take the element's first child summary element, if any, and place it in a first block box container, and then take the element's remaining descendants, if any, and place them in a second block box container.

Currently, we do this on frame construction list in nsCSSFrameConstructor::AddFrameConstructionItemsInternal(). We should re-implement this behavior on details' shadow tree.
Priority: -- → P3

Pretty much just wanted to know what would it take to do this. This is sort-of
inefficient: if we'd take this I'd move the stylesheet to a <link> so that it's
at least shared across <details> elements.

This is only failing the pseudo-element tests, which is sorta-expected per
bug 1472897.

This fixes bug 1558049, and probably makes straight-forward to make details
elements support more stuff like flex or grid, if we wanted to.

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