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Address Book: Implement Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut for cmd_properties in directory tree (and Enter on mailing lists)


(MailNews Core :: Address Book, enhancement)

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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #196135 +++

Alt+Enter should trigger cmd_properties whenever an eligible item is selected, without exception.
Plain Enter should trigger cmd_properties for mailing lists in directory tree (keyboard equivalent of double-click which currently works).

There's no reason why Alt+Enter works on a mailing list in AB-Results-View, but not for the same mailing list in directory tree.
There's no reason why Ctrl/Cmd+I works on ABs and mailing lists in directory tree, but not Alt+Enter. Both of them are standard shortcut keys for Properties on different operating systems: Alt+Enter on Windows (and Linux iirc), Cmd+I on MAC.
There's no reason why double-click on mailing-list in directory tree triggers cmd_properties, but keyboard equivalent plain Enter doesn't (but it does on mailing lists in AB-Results-View...).

Can we please have some consistency. Thanks.
Blocks: 1319052
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
Depends on: 1319409
Depends on: 1319493
Depends on: 1320475
No longer depends on: 196135
See Also: → 1320272
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