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Improve HTTP proxy support in the crashreporter client and pingsender


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1310703 +++

When sending a crash report, the crashreporter client currently uses the OS native proxy configuration instead of Firefox' configuration. Ideally both should use the same proxy configuration but the crashreporter client cannot interpret PAC files correctly (that requires an entire JS stack and thus cannot be implemented).

A good compromise that would probably cover the vast majority of cases - without implementing full PAC support - would be the following:

- If the proxy configuration doesn't rely on a PAC file then it's written out in a place accessible from the crashreporter client (this includes telling the crashreporter client if the system-specified proxy is to be used)

- If the proxy configuration relies on PAC file then Firefox queries it for the proxy that would be used for the URL we send crash reports to and then it would write it out so that it's accessible by the crashreporter client

This should cover pretty much every case were the output of the PAC file depends only on the URL. It wouldn't cover weird PAC files that return different proxies at different times of day, but I think it's fairly safe to assume those are rare.

Since the pingsender executable doesn't have any proxy support ATM the same implementation would be re-used for it.
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Whiteboard: [measurement:client]
I've encountered this issue as well; I can't report crashes from behind a proxy.

Pre-caching the correct proxy for the crash-reporter URL would likely cover the common cases, assuming Firefox doesn't crash on launch or when trying to deal with the proxy itself.  (And in that case, Firefox would be crashing when trying to *set* the proxy.)
Depends on: 1416078
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