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Allow to search within network responses bodies


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There should be an option to let the filter field search within the responses of the network requests.

FWIW, Firebug had an option "Response Bodies" for this within its search field options.

There's a UI difference, though, because Firebug provided a search field, while the DevTools have a filter field.

So, here's an idea for a proper UI:
Add an 'response:' tag to the filter field to make it possible to search within the response bodies of the requests.
Keep the filtering functionality but let the user jump through the matches by pressing Enter. I.e. when you type a string into the filter field, the requests will be filtered according to their response body matching the string. The first matched request will be selected, the side panels will be opened at the "Response" panel and the first match will be highlighted there. Pressing Enter jumps to the next match. If the next match is in another request, that request will be selected accordingly.

Duplicate of bug 1041895 ?
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(In reply to Tim Nguyen :ntim from comment #1)
> Duplicate of bug 1041895 ?

The difference is that this request is asking to add a possibility to search within the response body, which is *not* part of the columns. Both are related, though, as the proposed UI uses a tag to allow filtering for matches in the response body.

Allowing to switch through the single matches may also be something that is restricted to the response body filter, as the other filters are present within the columns.

Flags: needinfo?(sebastianzartner)
See Also: → 1041895
Thank you for continuing to work on this. This is a critical feature that was removed, and I'm stuck with old Firefox that I have disabled updates on because I use this feature all day every day during development. No other browser has ever had this functionality, so I really hope you bring it back.
Summary: Allow to search within network responses → Allow to search within network responses bodies
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