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Enable mp4 rust parser


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After bug 1331330, 1340446, 1340447 and 1340980. We can pass all tests on try Linux platform [1]. I think it's about time to enable it officially.

Following is my plan:

1. enable it on linux debug mode, so we can see the result on try.
2. enable it on linux release; at this stage, we may need QA get involved finding bugs quickly.
3. enable it on other platforms, like Mac.
4. enable it on remains platforms.

Any idea?

Assignee: nobody → ayang
Blocks: 1161350
As we talked last time, it'd be better to get QA resource at stage 2.
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Rachelle should be able to help us find out QA resource. I have cc-ed her in this bug.  
Before that, do we have some ideas about what we expect QA to test and how they should test.
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Flags: needinfo?(ajones)
Depends on: 1330243
Blocks: 1310293
try result in testmode after applied patch in bug 1343793. I will keep trying.
Pass all tests on linux after applied patches in bug 1330243. Taget to enable linux debug this week if everything goes smoothly.
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Bug 1341221 - enable rust mp4 parser on linux debug build.
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enable rust mp4 parser on linux debug build. r=kinetik
To fix corner cases efficiently, it'd be very nice if bug 1341483 can be solved before enabling rust parser on release build.
You'll also want bug 1343442, which is where the error is picked up and displayed as a notification.
(There is some higher priority work for me at the moment, but the code is almost complete, so I'll try to push it for review soon...)
Depends on: 1343442
Depends on: 1354963
Depends on: 1356132
No longer depends on: 1356132
Depends on: 1357988
See Also: → 1370175
Due to bug 1370175, I plan to have a patch which is as That actually enable the rust mp4 parser on all platforms.
Close this one since the mp4 rust parser is enable in bug 1370175.
Closed: 3 years ago
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