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[tcmigration-phase2] complete Fennec graph with missing BBB builders


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Now that we're past Phase1 where we successfully shipped Fennec/Firefox via the "new TC world", it's time to track down some improvements. Last week's process wasn't perfect, there were lots of papercuts and manual steps we've undertaken to make it work. Addditionally, there were several steps missing. 

This is a tracking bug to improve and add whatever's missing from a more sustainable and decent Fennec graph.
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See Also: → 1343649, 1343990, 1345232
Summary: [tcmigration-phase2] Fennec graph builders improvements → [tcmigration-phase2] complete Fennec graph with missing builders
Current release-runner (relpro) logic isn't capable yet to handle the Fennec so that means we're short on a number of things:

* no emails to keep QE updated to what's happening
* busfactor: we need :rail or :nthomas or :bhearsum with access to Ship-It DB to s,"pending","started" for that particular release
* no notifications for tasks happening in the graphs generated by decision task / releasetasks / hook

We'll need to discuss all these.
Comment on attachment 8846799 [details] [review]
Turning off {source, checksums} builders for Fennec beta graph for now.

Approved by rail in Github
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Priority: -- → P1
Bug 1344222 is not a hard requirement for Fennec beta now.
No longer depends on: 1344222
I'll move bug 1346465 and bug 1347160 directly to bug 1347637. The rest of the BBB are now added to the graph.
Will mark this as done.
Assignee: nobody → mtabara
No longer depends on: 1346465, 1347160
Summary: [tcmigration-phase2] complete Fennec graph with missing builders → [tcmigration-phase2] complete Fennec graph with missing BBB builders
Closed: 4 years ago
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Removing leave-open keyword from resolved bugs, per :sylvestre.
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