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Integrate LeanplumPushReceiver/LeanplumPushListenerService


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To receive and process push messages we need to integrate LeanplumPushReceiver into the app. Normally that's just adding it to the manifest. But in our case we are using GCM push for implementing web push already. Instead we will need to route incoming push messages to LeanplumPushListenerService or our GcmMessageListenerService.

Additionally we need to pass the sender ID to LeanplumPushService.
yes... That's the thing I'm goiing to work on later. Since Push Notificaiton is not in the scope (55) yet... right?
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right not in scope for 55
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This is not in scope for 56 either. Maybe we can create another meta bug and link this bug to there.
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Mike, can you please confirm what the status of this feature is. Has this ever landed?

Also looking at this:
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Whiteboard: [Leanplum]
> Mike, can you please confirm what the status of this feature is. Has this ever landed?

I think so: there is a LeanplumPushReceiver [1] and LeanplumPushService [2] in the code but I can't be certain with digging in more to fully understand what we implement with Leanplum, which is outside the scope of my role as triage owner (i.e. whoever implements Leanplum would be a better person to do this). fwiw, these classes were added in bug 1351585 (add SDK), bug 1386151 (enable push feature), and bug 1392224 (make fennec default handler for leanplum push).

Action item for this bug: did we implement everything set out in comment 0 in these other bugs? If so, please dupe.

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Yes, if we use push with leanplum then this has already been implemented (at least that's what I filed this bug for back then).
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