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Intermittent css-grid/grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml == css-grid/grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml | image comparison, max difference: 187, number of differing pixels: 501


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so close to our 30/week threshold.  This is failing pretty regularly- on non-stylo this test is marked as fails, in bug 1352771 we removed the fails.

:hiro, I see you authored the patch in bug 1352771 to expect this test to pass, should we look into this or should we put this back as fails?
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(In reply to Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) from comment #4)
> We should skip this test, css grid seems to be still something broken. For
> example:
> reftest-analyzer.xhtml#logurl=
> X5vquqKkT-6yJGSVEdMp3g/runs/0/artifacts/public/logs/live_backing.
> log&only_show_unexpected=1
> reftest-analyzer.xhtml#logurl=
> stT_6LpO5XJvdhCA/runs/0/artifacts/public/logs/live_backing.
> log&only_show_unexpected=1
> Test images in these two failure cases are rendered the same, but reference
> images are different. I don't know why.

Note that the reference image the result of rendering the test case (grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml) on gecko, so the test case is something broken in the first place on gecko?
this test is marked as fails on gecko, so I was happy to see that we were enabling more passing tests on stylo until it was intermitent.  Let me move it back to fails.
odd, this is just comparing the same file to itself
(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher) from comment #7)
> odd, this is just comparing the same file to itself

Yes. On stylo reftest, we compare a result rendered on stylo and a result rendered on gecko. So, image2 (reference) is a result of image rendered on gecko. That's why I think the test case is broken on gecko in the first place.
if we feel that skipping this test is the right move, this patch will do it!
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skip test on stylo

Review of attachment 8859527 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thank you!
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Intermittent css-grid/grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml. marks as fails. r=hiro
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Re-disable intermittent css-grid/grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml which got accidentally enabled by bug 1351548. r=test-disabling
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