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Either promote the taskcluster Mac debug build to tier-1 or revert having the tier-1 Mac debug tests run on the tier-2 build


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Apparently we now (and perhaps for two months, if bug 1330310 was the one that made this change) run our Mac debug tests on the Taskcluster Mac debug build.

The Taskcluster Mac debug build is marked as being tier-2, which means that any developer is 100% free to break it at any time, and sheriffs may not back out the patch that broke it.

Having tier-1 tests depend on a tier-2 build is thus totally unacceptable. Please either promote the build to tier-1, or go back to running the tests on the tier-1 buildbot build.
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Since bug 1330310 landed during the 54 cycle, if that was the one then we are probably also running Mac debug tests on mozilla-beta on the Taskcluster build, *which does not exist on mozilla-beta* so we just aren't running any Mac debug tests at all.
AFAIK there's no reason the TC debug build should not simply replace the buildbot version at tier 1.

Kim: can you confirm, please?
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Yes, I agree.  This work is going to be done as part of bug 1353376, bug 1350413 and bug 1358188
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What's the timeframe on that work, Kim?
I'm looking at this current bug as a separate issue now, determining why macosx64 cross compile builds aren't enabled on m-b and promoting to tier 1
Attached patch bug1360964m-i.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
patch for m-i
Attached patch bug1360964m-b.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
pat for m-b to enable macosx tc debug builds and mark as tier1
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VERY close.

Need to add 'macosx64' to that linux if right below that in target_tasks. Otherwise we're enabling the opt cross compile stuff too, which we don't need on beta.
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Same issue as the m-i patch
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Thanks for jumping on this, Kim.
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Promote Taskcluster Mac debug builds to Tier 1 and make sure that tests are scheduled off them. r=Callek
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