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add `mach cargo check` command


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No reason Gecko developers shouldn't have this.
All the machinery we set up for `cargo build` is equally useful for
other commands, such as `cargo check`.  Let's refactor things so that
it's easy to reuse said machinery for `cargo check`.
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Cargo recently introduced the `cargo check` command for shortening the
edit-compile cycle when working on large programs.  Since we don't
really support invoking `cargo` directly, let's wire up this command to
`mach`.  Gecko developers can then `mach cargo check` to ensure their
changes typecheck.

I'm not completely happy with the changes, but they were the easiest
way I could think of doing things, since I didn't want to store information on
what *kind* of crate we had at the mach level.  I just wanted to say "check",
and let the Makefile sort out what needs doing.  Let me know what you think.
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part 2 - add `mach cargo check`

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Looks good. Thanks for doing this!
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part 1 - make Cargo invocation macro more generic; r=rillian
part 2 - add `mach cargo check`; r=rillian
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