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Find a way to prevent duplicate gfxContext::Save/Restore


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In bug 1385861, I notice again duplicate gfxContext::Save/Restore.

We probabaly should find a mechanism to prevent it. For example, showing a warning massage(via NS_ASSERTION) if the state of a context is not changed between to gfxContext::Save calls.
Attached patch WIP (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Several test cases crashed by applying this patch
gfxContext::Save in gfxContext::PushGroupForBlendBack gfxContext::PushGroupAndCopyBackground
gfxContext::Restore in gfxContext::PopGroupAndBlend()

Actually, gfxContext::PushGroupForBlendBack/PushGroupAndCopyBackground do not change AzureState state at all.

Take gfxContext::PushGroupForBlendBack as an example
gfxContext::PushGroupForBlendBack(gfxContentType content, Float aOpacity, SourceSurface* aMask, const Matrix& aMaskTransform)
  mDT->PushLayer(content == gfxContentType::COLOR, aOpacity, aMask, aMaskTransform);

Since the context of mDT is not part of AzureState, this function does not change the content of gfxContext::CurrentState()
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Bug 1385929 - Part 1. Check whether the content of the persisted state change.

::: gfx/thebes/gfxContext.cpp:143
(Diff revision 6)
>  void
>  gfxContext::Restore()
>  {
> +#ifdef DEBUG
> +  // gfxContext::Restore is used to restore AzureState. We need to restore it
> +  // only if it was altered. The following APIs do change the context of

do change the content?

::: gfx/thebes/gfxContext.cpp:156
(Diff revision 6)
> +  //    only thing that you altered in the target context.
> +  // 3. Function of setup transform matrix, such as Multiply() and
> +  //    SetMatrix(). Using gfxContextMatrixAutoSaveRestore is more recommended
> +  //    if transform data is the only thing that you are going to alter.
> +  //
> +  // You will hit the assertion message bellow if there is no above functions


::: gfx/thebes/gfxContext.cpp:1038
(Diff revision 6)
>   * the state and might be false for the restored AzureState.
>   */
>  void
>  gfxContext::ChangeTransform(const Matrix &aNewMatrix, bool aUpdatePatternTransform)
>  {
> +  CURRENTSTATE_CHANGED(aUpdatePatternTransform)

Can we just move this down into the if() statement below where we actually change the state?

Seems like we could get rid of the parameter to CURRENTSTATE_CHANGED then too.
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Bug 1385929 - Part 2. Remove unecessary gfxContext::Save/Restore found by Part 1.
Attachment #8892441 - Flags: review?(matt.woodrow) → review+
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Part 1. Check whether the content of the persisted state change. r=mattwoodrow
Part 2. Remove unecessary gfxContext::Save/Restore found by Part 1. r=mattwoodrow
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