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[tracking bug] what went wrong for 56.0b1


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This is to track all the issues we've encountered for 56.0b1
Seems there's lots of other bugs involveed in this floating around that we need to put under the same umbrella to better organize the follow-ups and action items.
We started off with a bunch of staging releases last week in bug 1385134.
We still haven't caught everything we wanted:

* updates builder was only have successful as we couldn't establish a good connection with the balrog staging instance
* update verification didn't run and later on bit us in real 56.01
* funsize image generation failed for missing the rights sha384/lzma formats that initiall landed on beta only half-way and then got backed-out but still leftovers were around. We needed a follow-up with another one to fix both the funsize update generation jobs but also the funsize publish to balrog stuff.
See Also: → 1385134
See Also: → 1388312
See Also: → 1369535
Depends on: 1388367
See Also: 1385134, 1388312, 1369535
No longer depends on: 1388367
See Also: → 1388367
56.0b1 blockers were all fixed, I think we can close this. The only leftover action-item is bug 1388367 but that's a larger conversation to have and doesn't block this anymore.

Thanks you all for contributions with fixes in order to respect our calendar for 56.0b1.
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See Also: → 1369535
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