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Firefox should have a firefox.desktop file for Linux builds


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Firefox needs a firefox.desktop file to be installed in
${prefix}/share/applications on Linux/Unix during a build install to easily
integrate into the desktop menu. Attaching an example .desktop file.  Also a
firefox icon to be used with the .desktop file should be installed in

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Attached file firefox.desktop file
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This would be another nice Linux integration fix for Fx3.  Instead of having to create my own desktop file, since I install from source.
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Duplicate of this bug: 404032
This is also a localisation/branding issue since the .desktop file allows for localisation and Firefox localisers and branding police are not able to check these files for correct localisation alignment with branding guidelines.
Duplicate of this bug: 371734
Thunderbird and SeaMonkey Linux builds have the same issue.

Providing sample .desktop files would help people who download builds from Mozilla rather than installing their Linux distro's package, and would encourage distributions to get it right.

As well as a .desktop file, the mimetype info is also relevant, e.g. Firefox 4 can now handle "video/webm").  Also, the Linux builds should provide stock desktop icons.  They're built-in to the Windows executables, but for Linux they're missing or scattered around in .jar files and icons subdirectories.

I envision each product's Linux build having a desktop_integration/ folder containing:
   (or seamonkey.desktop, seamonkey-composer.desktop, etc.)
   firefox.svg  (bug 543237)   etc.
  README   (saying these are sample files; your Linux distro may have its own versions that are localized or have different branding; read ; etc.)
Is there any reason that this bug hasn't seen any meaningful activity?  Six years ago, in Comment 1, a sample .desktop file was attached that should provide a meaningful place to start.  Is there anything else that the community can do to get this resolved?

At the risk of sounding like I'm trolling, Google manages to ship a .desktop with Chrome.  It allows for easy integration with common Linux desktop environments by way of a widely supported standardized mechanism...
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 8
Version: Trunk → 9 Branch
So far, all packagers are providing their own desktop file and manually installing it, that'd be good to mash them up together, get it linked to the build/install system and get something finally commited (and that for thunderbird and seamonkey too, ofc)

See for the BSDs :;content-type=text%2Fplain;content-type=text%2Fplain;content-type=text%2Fplain
As it is Firefox 23 now. Any news?
Full integration to Linux system requires something beyond a mere .desktop file.

A good start point seems to be:

In order to deploy the integration meta data in an end user friendly way, offering DEB and RPM package (bug 641210) and/or offering a custom installer (with or without GUI).
I do agree with Ma Xiaojun, that it would be better to provide a deb or rpm package (specially for distros that does not package vanilla firefox, like debian). 
But, firefox could at least create a basic .desktop file at $HOME/.local/share/applications when first run (or give a menu option for that), the same way as IntelliJ (or PyCharm)  .
rpm and deb are not cross distro solutions more so with dependencies issues. 

If Mozilla were going to have have a install package it would likely been done with say Autopackage like in Bug 277066
(In reply to Ma Xiaojun from comment #13)
> Full integration to Linux system requires something beyond a mere .desktop file.

Sure, but that's a different bug.  Simply providing a .desktop file, even without installing it, would be an improvement on the status quo. Start with the smallest possible improvement.
Target Milestone: Firefox 8 → ---
Version: 9 Branch → unspecified
See Also: → 1390071
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