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2 years ago
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2 years ago
This was added so that some add-ons wouldn't show "legacy" on about:addons. With the resigning of everything to external add-ons and the switch to Firefox 57 and legacy add-on only we should be able to remove this.
As of 57, that pref only applies to the UI when "extensions.legacy.enabled" has been flipped to true (in a build that honors it).
In that case, the exceptions pref is used for a bunch of test pilot addons and the default theme.  Test pilot should be okay now but there's still the default theme.  We could:
- replace the pref with a hard-coded exception for the default theme
- remove the pref and let the UI show a bogus "LEGACY" badge next to the default them
- remove LEGACY badges altogether
- do nothing for now

I vote for the last option

Comment 2

2 years ago
Ah good to know the first part. I agree with your vote. So let's leave this in the "stuff to clean out later on" bucket.
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