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Enable Abort API by default


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Bug 1378342 implements abort API enabling it only in nightly.
When stable, this API should be enabled by default.
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For sure, abort API can be enabled right now. Fetch + Abort can maybe wait.
I'm going to write an email to dev-platform about it.
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What can devs do with this API right now without the fetch bits?
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Ok, the test failures mentioned in comment 3 are all valid for now.  They are basically 3 test cases:

1. "Signal removed by setting to null" fails because the webidl forbids it.  Jake is going to fix the test.
2. "Stream will not error if body is empty. It's closed with an empty queue before it errors" fails because the test assumes the network stack completes the empty response body when the headers are available.  Our network stack uses a separate task to fire OnStopRequest().  AFAICT this is fine by the spec.  So this test seems suspect as well.  Jake is going to look at it.
3. "Readable stream synchronously cancels with AbortError if aborted before reading" fails because we don't implement Request.body ReadableStream yet.

So I think bug 1394102 is the main blocker to shipping at the moment.
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Review of attachment 8902109 [details] [diff] [review]:

Please send a follow-up email to dev-platform indicating that we intend to ship this in FF57.  Thanks!
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