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about:telemetry - Look for a better design for the ping selection popup


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No description provided.
I personaly don't find it that bad but prehaps when the photon redesign will be more stable we could try to make it slide from the top directly in the sidebar ?
It seems functional now.
For future improvements we should loop in UX on suggestions.
Priority: -- → P4

We noticed recently the the "current ping" data is not the current ping, but actually a collection of multiple different ping's data.

Maybe it's a good idea to change this description to "current data" (or similar), since it doesn't actually match the format of the outgoing ping being sent. It can be confusing for users who look at that "current ping" section to understand what the structure of the ping is.

Priority: P4 → --
Depends on: 1562229

I've split the "make the description 'current data' instead of 'current ping'" part off to bug 1562229 and made it mentored. This can go back into the backlog.

Priority: -- → P4
See Also: → 1709618
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