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Firefox for Android triage owners update


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Our list of triage owners for Firefox for Android is heavily outdated. I inherited ownership for a bunch of components and I can't triage them all - especially now that I'm primarily working on Focus for Android.

I'm currently trying to find new owners that are actively working on those components. This is currently happening in this spreadsheet:

I haven't found owners for all components yet. But the following changes can be applied immediately. I'll file follow-up bugs as soon as I have owners for all abandoned components.

* Add-on Manager -> :andym
* Audio / Video -> :jolin
* Data providers -> :grisha
* Distributions -> :mkaply
* Firefox Accounts -> :grisha
* Logins, Passwords and Form Fill -> :jwu
* Metrics -> :nechen
* Reader View -> :nechen

* Web Apps -> :daleharvey
   With this change we would like to update the description of the component to:
  "Installing, running, and managing (progressive) web applications"
  (Previously this component was about Firefox (OS) Web Apps on Fennec).

Additionally we would like to create a new component:
 * Session Restore
   For bugs in Firefox's session restore functionality, including the undo close tab feature.
   (The same component exists for Firefox desktop already)
   The owner of this component should be: :JanH

The following to components are outdated and could be folded into existing components:
 * Family Friendly Browsing -> Profile Handling
   Reason: "Family Friendly Browsing" is under the hood a separate profile and
           there's not much happening that justifies a separate component.
 * Reading List -> Awesomescreen
   Reason: There's no stand-alone reading list anymore. There's a reading list bookmarking feature that's
           actually part of the "Awesomescreen".
I've opened bug 140064 to graveyard the two components, and moved the open bugs out of them. 

Thanks for doing the research on this!
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