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Splash screen displayed in new tab opened from the search widget


(Firefox for Android :: Theme and Visual Design, defect)

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Firefox 58
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fennec + ---
firefox56 --- wontfix
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firefox58 --- verified


(Reporter: oana.horvath, Assigned: cnevinchen)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


(Whiteboard: [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP])


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Build: Nightly 58.0a1 (2017-09-28);

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load a page in Fennec.
2. Close the Fennec app.
3. Tap the new tab button from the search widget.
4. While Fennec is opening a new tab, verify the splash screen.

Expected result:
Based on Bug 1366674, the splash screen should be shown only if there is a non-empty tab loading at startup.

Actual result:
The splash screen is displayed while opening an empty tab.
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yes, it's not supposed to show the splash screen here.

Hi Joe,
Could we put this on our list and see the priority of this bug?
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we should fix this if it is 100% reproducible
does it impact 56,57,58?
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Yes, it's 100% reproducible and affects all 3: 56,57,58. Thanks!
Assignee: nobody → cnevinchen
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Bug 1403980 - Hide Splash screen in new tab opened from the search widget.
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When we open Firefox through search widget, we restore the previous pages first[1] and then open a new tab for the search wdiget.
There's no way we can know the search widget will open a new tab (with about:home) later when [1] happen.

So we'll still show splash screen here for search widget with about:home as "new tab"

Hi Carol
Do you need a video for this?
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Hi Nevin, 
According to our offline discussion, i think the solution works. Showing the splash screen before the new tab (without overlapping) if the user open the app for the first time. Thanks!
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Pushed by
Hide Splash screen in new tab opened from the search widget. r=jwu
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 58
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Verified as fixed in build 58.0a1 (2017-10-11);
Devices: Google Pixel (Android 8.0) and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Android 6.0.1).
Whiteboard: [FNC][SPT58.2][MVP]
Let's uplift to 57 if we still can. But even if we don't uplift, it's minimal impact as it only happens with search widget, which I assume the usage is low when Google search widget is on most phones by default so we should not block 57 with this.
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Hey Joe,

what is the impact to users for this bug? Unfortunately, we are very late in 57 beta cycle and threshold for uplifts is extremely high. The guideline that was given to me is if its not dot release worthy, it will not be in 57. But if impact to users is high enough, we can plead our case.
Per discussion in Bug 1405853#c11[1] I thought we can still uplift this before Monday? I know for Desktop it's basically in "regression/crash only" mode but maybe not exactly the same case for Mobile?

Comment on attachment 8914006 [details]
Bug 1403980 - Hide Splash screen in new tab opened from the search widget.

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/Bug causing the regression]: Splash Screen will apears when users click "New Tab" from search widget. Browser will show home panel and splash screen at the same time.
[User impact if declined]: UI is not good
[Is this code covered by automated tests?]: no
[Has the fix been verified in Nightly?]: yes
[Needs manual test from QE? If yes, steps to reproduce]:  no 
[List of other uplifts needed for the feature/fix]: no 
[Is the change risky?]:no 
[Why is the change risky/not risky?]: just changing ui
[String changes made/needed]:no
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Comment on attachment 8914006 [details]
Bug 1403980 - Hide Splash screen in new tab opened from the search widget.

This doesn't seem like a must fix. I'd prefer this change ride the 58 train.
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tracking-fennec: ? → +
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