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Optimize Bookmarks menu for touch


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Steps to reproduce:

In the latest Nightlies in Tablet mode on a Windows 10 touchscreen device: 
    -Tap the Bookmarks button
    -Tap the Overflow button
    -Tap a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar
    -Tap the Show more bookmarks button on the Bookmarks toolbar

Actual results:

The menus opened when each of these are tapped are smaller and harder to tap with your finger compared to the rest of the UI. 

Expected results:

These menus should have more spacing between items so they are easier to use on touchscreen devices and match the rest of the Firefox UI when using touch. 

I initially mentioned Bookmark folder menus in Bug 1389094, but that mainly addressed the Bookmarks and History sidebar, so I thought I'd file a separate bug for these menus.
Component: General → Toolbars and Customization
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Priority: -- → P4
Whiteboard: [photon-visual][triage] → [photon-visual]
I don't have access to touch hardware this morning to confirm, but this sounds like a good idea. Leaving ni? on myself to attach a screenshot later
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Flags: needinfo?(sfoster)
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While these look like related issues on the surface, I think each of them requires enough work that we should split this off into separate bugs.
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No longer blocks: 1410352
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Summary: Optimize Bookmarks menu, Overflow menu, Bookmarks Toolbar folder menu and Show more bookmarks menu for touch → Optimize Bookmarks menu for touch
Component: Toolbars and Customization → Theme
Blocks: fx-touch
No longer blocks: photon-touch
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