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[@ mozalloc_abort | abort | audioipc_server::Server::poll ]


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I'm hitting that, leading to huge crash of the whole nightly. Linux amd64 ubuntu 17.04, uptodate nightly.

about:crashes shows crashdump sent, matching:

 1. try to open a local file/directory

 Displays file or directory

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I tried reproducing using mozregression, but I could not. However, trying to load about:support also triggers the problem.
Still reproducing after disabling all extensions.
Toggling the pref media.cubeb.sandbox between true and false actually controls reproductibility: when disabling sandboxing, no more repro.
Sorry about this.  I'm not immediately sure why this is happening.  We're hitting a limit in the number of remoted cubeb contexts we handle.  Right now that's set at 16, but it's an arbitrary number we can increase, and we can also make this code not panic.  But first I'd like to understand what's causing you to hit the limit.

Do you have an unusually high number of content processes?  I think we default to 4, if I'm looking at the correct pref (dom.ipc.processCount).  How long is the browser session before you hit this crash, and how much media-related activity had you performed during that time?
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I have informations that will help :).
I do have set more than 4 content process, my dom.ipc.processCount is 16 indeed. I can hit the crash as soon as I try to load a local file, or about:support, with my full session (lots of tabs, one of them including a youtube, but no playback started). So I guess the amount of processes and the current limit in cubeb context would explain that?
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Dan has a fix for this in
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Bug 1410107 - Grow audioipc server slabs as required.
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Grow audioipc server slabs as required. r=kinetik
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