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Snap: Let mozilla-release upload on the candidate channel


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I connected to the Snap dashboard, and I realized that ten 58.0b1 releases made the Snap store[1]. 58 hasn't made mozilla-beta yet, then it turns out we're uploading builds from Jamun. 

This is because [2] just check the version number. We should probably pass an argument to the task definition instead. What do you think, Rail? 

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Bah... We definitely should explicitly pass something to tell the scrip to upload stuff. Something like " --publish" maybe?
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Aki removed the clumsy version number matching in bug 1423081 \o/ I noticed the comments are still outdated there. I cleaned them up. Let's use this bug to let:
* mozilla-beta upload on the edge channel
* mozilla-release upload on the candidate channel

Thus, we should be ready for the 59.0 release.
Assignee: nobody → jlorenzo
Depends on: 1423081
Summary: Jamun should not upload snaps onto the Snap store → Snap: Let mozilla-release upload on the candidate channel
Comment on attachment 8954725 [details]
Bug 1411559 - Snap: Add upload on mozilla-release and restrict channels

::: taskcluster/docker/firefox-snap/
(Diff revision 1)
> -if [ "$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL" != "" ]; then
> -  echo "Beta version detected. Uploading to Ubuntu Store (no channel)..."
> +if [[ "$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL" =~ (^(edge|candidate)$)  ]]; then
> +  echo "Uploading to Ubuntu Store on channel $PUSH_TO_CHANNEL"
>    bash "$SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/" "http://taskcluster/secrets/v1/secret/project/releng/snapcraft/firefox/$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL"
> -  snapcraft push "$TARGET_FULL_PATH"
> +  snapcraft push --release "$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL" "$TARGET_FULL_PATH"
>  else
> -  echo "Non-beta version detected. Nothing else to do."
> +  echo "No upload done: PUSH_TO_CHANNEL value "$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL" doesn't match a known channel."

Is "$PUSH_TO_CHANNEL" meant to be in quotes in the string that's written out? At the moment this ends the string after 'value', concatenates it, the variable, and the string starting " doesn't" - it works, but it may not be what's intended / looked for in log greppers.
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Good catch, it is! I escaped the double quotes.
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