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Show that an Extension is controlling the default notifications permission


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This is another "Project Jazz" bug that has to do with the fact that a new browserSettings API is going to land, called webNotificationsDisabled. If this is set to `true` by an extension then the default permissions for that profile will be to deny permission to issue web notifications.

I'm not sure exactly how this should be shown in the UI, but it's something that should be covered by Jazz. See [1] for a bit of discussion about this.

This should be displayed next to the checkbox that bug 1368744 is adding. See mockups in that bug. :)
Depends on: 1368744
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P5
Assignee: nobody → prathikshaprasadsuman
Mentor: bob.silverberg
Mentor: bob.silverberg → mstriemer
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Show that an Extension is controlling the default notifications permission
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Background script for the test extension.
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Show that an Extension is controlling the default notifications permission. r=flod,johannh
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Will this bug require manual testing? if so please specify some steps to validate or set the 'qe-verify-' flag, thank you
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Moving the needinfo to Mark (because he has been the mentor on this bug).
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Thanks Luca! I was just about to do that myself. :-)
To test -

1. Install an extension that globally overrides the desktop-notification permission or load one manually(the manifest.json and test.js files are attached above) in about:debugging.

2. If you're using the attached test extension, click on the extension's browser action icon in the toolbar to set the override setting to true.

3. Open Preferences > Privacy and Security > Permissions > Settings button(Notifications Permission).

4. You should be able to see a section at the bottom of the settings dialog indicating that an extension is controlling the notifications permission setting.

5. Should be able to disable the extension by clicking the "Disable Extension" button and instructions to re-enable the extension should appear in the same section.
See Comment 10 for steps to validate this change. Thanks!
Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer) → qe-verify+
Thank you for the testing steps. I've successfully validated that the Settings is showing the notification using Nightly  	65.0a1 and 64.0b3. Both running on windows 10 x64.
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