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[meta] support ux exposing how extensions change Firefox


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This is the big tracking bug to implement a user interface for explaining to users what the extensions they have enabled do. Some examples:
* which extension is currently controlling about:home or about:newtab
* which extension has which key binding
* which extension is using proxy settings
* which permissions you have granted to each extension
* etc...

The list is quite long and will grow as we add new APIs to Firefox. There's probably a few steps to this project, but the first phase is probably to stand up a UI in about:addons that just shows some of these settings. The second phase would be to allow users to select or pick and choose from these settings.

To have a change to keep about:addons sane, it would make sense to not pollute the add-ons listing any further and see if we can put this all on a seperate page, maybe.
Blocks: 1298955
Duplicate of this bug: 1367229
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Blocks: 1459029
Summary: User interface for exposing how extensions change Firefox → [META] User interface for exposing how extensions change Firefox (Jazz)
Depends on: 1461348
Alias: project-jazz
Depends on: 1449665
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
No longer blocks: 1459029

not in use.

Alias: project-jazz
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Summary: [META] User interface for exposing how extensions change Firefox (Jazz) → [meta] support ux exposing how extensions change Firefox
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oops, reopening.

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