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[tracking] Verify language and region names in CLDR


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In mozilla-central we have a list of language names

We should verify if:
a) We support more language names that CLDR, and request those fields
b) Upstream translations where possible
c) Open bugs to discuss divergent translations, and tickets to CLDR when necessary.
Adding region names to the scope
Summary: [tracking] Verify language names in CLDR → [tracking] Verify language and region names in CLDR
I'm looking at (languages, territories). Is that the right place?

There are two cases:
* Data is available in Mozilla but non in CLDR.
* Values diverge between Mozilla and CLDR. 

Note that region names were changed quite recently (bug 1203171).
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Attached file Full differences for en-US (obsolete) —
Missing languages in CLDR

bh: Bihari
I can't find this

son: Songhay

wen: Sorbian

Both son and wen are collective languages, I wonder if that's the reason for not being here.

Missing regions in CLDR:
QM: Midway Islands
QS: Bassas da India
QU: Juan de Nova Island
QW: Wake Island
QX: Glorioso Islands
QZ: Akrotiri
XA: Ashmore and Cartier Islands
XB: Baker Island
XC: Coral Sea Islands
XD: Dhekelia
XE: Europa Island
XG: Gaza Strip
XH: Howland Island
XJ: Jan Mayen
XL: Palmyra Atoll
XM: Kingman Reef
XP: Paracel Islands
XQ: Jarvis Island
XR: Svalbard
XS: Spratly Islands
XT: Tromelin Island
XU: Johnston Atoll
XV: Navassa Island
XW: West Bank

Note about regions!searchin/mozilla.governance/territory%7Csort:date/mozilla.governance/CZ_He_ul63s/bVu6kktqYDEJ
(In reply to Francesco Lodolo [:flod] from comment #3)
> bh: Bihari
> I can't find this

Weird, it's part of the ISO 639-1 list

It's another "collective" locale.
Yeah, that's data up to date with CLDR 32.0
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Attached file data_analysis.txt
Explanation of the file content.

> Missing language names in CLDR

Compares the content of to

And reports language codes that are not available.

> Different values

Compare the actual English name for each language between Mozilla and CLDR.

> Missing region names in CLDR

Compares the content of to

> Different values

Compare the actual English name for each region/territory between Mozilla and CLDR.

> Locales not supported by CLDR

Compare the current list of hg repositories (not just shipping locales, so includes also obsolete languages, or brand new ones) with the list of languages available in CLDR. To determine the latter, I look at the folders available in

At first I tried looking at
But it turns out it contains data for locales that are actually not available (e.g. xh).

I failed to find a list of seed locales, beyond getting the list of folders from

If a locale is missing from CLDR but available as seed, it's noted.

> Missing locales in

Compare the current list of hg repositories (as before) to the locale codes available in
This is basically to avoid issues like bug 1263437.

It's OK for that list to not be empty, we have plenty of locales that start and never make it to builds.
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