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please add keyboard shortcuts e.g ctrl+l


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launch firefox and press ctrl+l nothing happen

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Expected results:

the address bar should appear
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exactly wich bug have been fixed? i recived an email told a bug have being fixed. and recived a firefox nightly update without a keyboard command ctrl+l fixed
Just commenting here because my bug to add a keyboard shortcut to toggle fullscreen mode on Android was closed as a duplicate of this bug.
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I have a Logitech PRO keyboard, connected via Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, and the Ctrl+L is NOT working.
But here's what I've found: there's a 'magnifying glass' button on this keyboard (left to the space bar): On every app it triggers the search (for example on the Google Play app), and it IS working on Firefox, exactly like I would be typing Ctrl+L.
But any other shortcuts aren't working (Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go to next/previous tab in particular).
Anyway, I don't know whether it's meaningful.

There are addons like Vim Vixen that allow some keyboard shortcuts to work on Android:

@robsmith11 Vim Vixen is interesting but when a site has a selectable field, when it gets the focus, you can't go out from it and then going to next tab with 'gt' doesn't work.

Concerning the alternative for Ctrl-L that I've found to be the 'Search' key on my bluetooth keyboard: the 'Search' function (corresponding to 'Ctrl+L') is hardcoded in android: It corresponds to the scancode '217'.
The good news is that even if you don't have a 'Search' key in your physical keyboard, you can hack it, tricking android in thinking you press a key '217' when you're pressing a key combination:
(I didn't test that)

@gustavk Do you mean like a text field? On my older tablet with Android 8, hitting Esc works, but on my newer tablet with Android 9, I need to use the key on my bluetooth keyboard that is mapped to Android's "back" action, which removes focus from a text field or the URL bar.

Hmm, not sure why my bug #1606885 is a duplicate of this bug, which has had zero movement and seems to be only related by "being a keyboard shortcut"

This is a fairly fundamental and important thing to fix, is it assigned or being worked on at all?

(In reply to Anna Thewitch from comment #15)

Hmm, not sure why my bug #1606885 is a duplicate of this bug, which has had zero movement and seems to be only related by "being a keyboard shortcut"

I think that it is another issue, so I reopen bug 1606885.

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