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Migrate statusbar and statusbarpanel to TB


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In Bug 1419170 I'm planning to remove statusbar and statusbarpanel bindings from mozilla-central.  They are used in a variety of places in comm-central:, so they should be moved somewhere to remain usable.
Frank, Ian

Me and Richard had a chat about migrating bindings to a place in c-c where both TB and SM could use them. We could for example have a "bindings" directory in the root of c-c and move bindings needed by SM or TB to there. What do you think?
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I am for it becuase I don't think everything should go into mailnews if not directly related. But I would add another high level directory and put bindings in it. Over time something else might end there too. 

I already thought about it and asked in Bug 1414398 Commment 25
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So Richard and Stefan, I assume that this will be under control, right?
I think, yes.
Richard has it covered for TB. I made a suite patch in bug 1418094, since I was unsure of how much time we had for creating a shared dir. We both agree on a shared dir, though. So we'll move the bindings to a shared dir at a later stage.
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The binding file (generalBindings.xml) is in /common/bindings. Like this TB and SM can access it easily and only one binding file is needed for both programs.

Aceman and the others, is the naming okay or do you want something different?

Aceman, you can test this with applying the patch from bug 1419170.
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I can't test this for the next 2 days, but it looks fine to me.

::: mail/themes/linux/mail/messenger.css
@@ +583,5 @@
>  menulist[editable="true"] > .menulist-dropmarker {
>    min-width: 2em;
>  }
> +/* statusbar */

Maybe "Status bar" to have the same style as the "Status panel" below?
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Fixed the titles in the CSS files.

Aceman, no hurry, the m-c patch hasn't landed yet.
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(In reply to Richard Marti (:Paenglab) from comment #7) 
> Aceman and the others, is the naming okay or do you want something different?

Thanks for doing this :-) No objections (my suggestion would be shared/bindings, but it really doesn't matter).
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Yes, applying bug 1419170 breaks the status bar a bit and this patch fixes it. Thanks.

Who will make the Seamonkey version of this?
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Stefan has signaled to do this.
Yeah, I'll do it for SeaMonkey in bug 1418094.
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Okay, then I rename the bug to TB only.
Assignee: nobody → richard.marti
Summary: Migrate statusbar and statusbarpanel to comm-central → Migrate statusbar and statusbarpanel to TB
I haven't added it because at least on Windows, dragging the window with the status bar is not usual. It also makes the offline button almost not accessible (this I fixed through changing it to a toolbar-button). But also by right clicking on the status bar, showing the window menu is strange.
Bug 1419170 should land on the next merge. Then this bug can land then and seamlessly fix it.
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Migrate statusbar and statusbarpanel to comm-central. r=aceman
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