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[meta] CSS priorities 2019


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(Depends on 6 open bugs, )


(Keywords: meta)

This bug is for tracking and discussing (along with longer term) Layout team priorities for implementing CSS specs in 2018.

This is a meta bug, feel free to add the meta bugs for specific CSS specs you'd like to see us finish (or make measurable / whole features progress on) in 2018.

If you're not sure, feel free to comment which specs you think should be considered.  We'll be discussing/iterating on this at #yallhands.
Add *as dependent* bugs. If there are specific CSS features (properties, values, @-rules, selectors etc.) you'd like to call out for 2018 instead of their whole spec/modules, feel free to add those directly as dependent bugs.
The wiki page links to several bugs targeted this year. I guess they should be added as blockers to this bug, so progress on them can be tracked, right?

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Making this a meta-bug for ongoing tracking of dependent bugs (next 12 months). Updating wiki page first in coordination with Layout planning. We can add high priority (P1) items as blockers to this bug for tracking purposes. Thanks!
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Summary: [meta] CSS 2018 priorities → [meta] CSS priorities
With P1, do you mean the "Importance" field to be P1 (because, as far as I know, P1 is only meant for critical bugs) or the bugs to have "[layout:p1]" as whiteboard tag, or something else?
Are they already prioritized? The wiki page still seems to be in an interim state. Any way to provide input for the priorities?

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As we are already more than half-way through the year, I went ahead and added some bugs as blockers for this one looking at the priority list in the wiki and the bugs marked as "[layout:p1]". I also renamed this bug in order to reflect that these are now the priorities for 2019.

Having said that, the wiki page is obviously outdated and Tantek doesn't seem to be active anymore. So, could someone from the layout team please revise the wiki page and add or remove bugs blocking this one accordingly?


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Summary: [meta] CSS priorities → [meta] CSS priorities 2019

Subgrid and motion paths also seem to be priorities, as people are actively working on them, so I've added them as blockers.


Depends on: css-grid-2
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