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Address bar/Location bar/urlbar drops first few letters when typing immediately after opening a new tab with a custom new-tab URL


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Steps to reproduce:

* Hit cmd+T to open new tab
* start typing new address

Actual results:

* most of the times first couple of letters are removed because it looks like the time Firefox needs to fully open the new tab is longer-ish and the letters of the address I manage to type are removed (address bar is cleared).
This is quite annoying as I am heavy keyboard user and tend to type quickly so hitting cmd+t and then waiting for the Fx to actually catch up is kinda annoying and most of the time I have to remove what I've typed and start again.
This wasn't an issue with previous versions of the browser nor with other browsers whatsoever...

Expected results:

I should be able to open new tab and immediately type the address without any part of it being removed
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Hardware: Unspecified → x86
This kind of sounds like bug 1421503.

Could you please try reproducing the problem in safe mode with all add-ons disabled?

If it still happens in safe mode, please then try with a new profile:
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See Also: → 1421503
Summary: Address removed when typing → Address bar/Location bar/urlbar drops first few letters when typing immediately after opening a new tab
OK, after playing with SafeMode and eliminating addons I narrowed it down to single one: New Tab Override ( and when to think about it - it makes sense: tab is being opened, I start typing, addon loads and then address changes.

Motivation to use the addon? I want to have completely blank page when browser starts up or I open new tab. I'm aware, that users may prefer to have a search bar there (because the one in the addressbar is not visible enough ::rolls_eyes::) but for me having anything there is distracting and, to put it VERY MILDLY, annoying at the very least (I completely don't care about the contents of that page…). And there is no way to setup firefox like that but that's separate issue I guess.
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Related bug 1179593
Hmm, this bug deserves some investigation I think.  I don't know whether you're right about the cause.  I kind of doubt it because that add-on is a WebExtension, and the WebExtension API for setting the new-tab URL just sets the newTabURL property on the new-tab service as far as I can tell [1].  The contents of the urlbar textbox aren't dynamically changed every time you open a new tab, I don't think.  (... Or maybe they are since with the default new-tab URL, no URL is shown at all in the textbox -- when you change the new-tab URL with that add-on, does a URL appear in the textbox when you open a new tab?)

I installed that add-on and couldn't reproduce the problem.  But, there's an ugly flickering of the "Extension (New Tab Override)" urlbar-display-box every time I open a new tab.  And when I set the new-tab URL to and then open a new tab and quickly start typing, sometimes "" ends up getting appended to what I'm typing.  (That doesn't happen when I set the new-tab URL to about:blank since in that case no URL is shown in the urlbar.)  So I don't doubt there might also be the problem you're describing, even if I can't confirm it.
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Summary: Address bar/Location bar/urlbar drops first few letters when typing immediately after opening a new tab → Address bar/Location bar/urlbar drops first few letters when typing immediately after opening a new tab with a custom new-tab URL
See Also: → 1426058
I had it set to "Custom URL" without setting URL. But I've tried to use "Blank page (about:blank)" in extension preferences with same result.
I'm not really sure why it may be happening, but I've disabled it and removed as much as possible form default start page so it's not that annoying to use now so for me problem is gone ;)

If you want me to run some tests/collect logs I could help though.
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61.0.2 (64-bit)

I have experienced similar problems with the addon

However, since Firefox now supports a true "Blank Page" setting rather than "Firefox Home (Default)" with everything hidden, my choice of addon is now redundant and disabling it has fixed the text-entry issue for me.
Arch Linux
81.0.1 (64-bit)

I still experience this issue, and hope this thread would focus more on the bug itself instead of workarounds and/or changing user habits.

In my case, I use tridactyl extension which is keyboard heavy (brings vim-style bindings to firefox) and in order to intercept keyboard bindings on a new tab, it overrides the firefox new tab behavior. Opening a new tab will almost always get me in the situation of having to retype. Even worse, as I type fast, I can easily end up on an unexpected (NSFW) webpage from my history.

I have opened an issue on the extension project where you can see more details -

Thank you for your assistance!

I started experiencing this issue too, and can reproduce with both the "Tabliss" and the "New Tab Override" extensions.

I've been using Tabliss for years but this only started happening recently with either Firefox 80 or 81.

To reproduce I copied the string "foobar" into the clipboard, and then quickly hit Ctrl+T and Ctrl+V. I'll attach a screencast for that, you can see the input disappearing as soon as the "Extension" badge on the address bar is rendered.

I wonder if this has any similarities, cause-wise, to the problem I reported a while ago with the findbar scrambling up characters if the browser is bogged down and typing happens too quickly after Ctrl+F.

Also reproduced now on latest nightly 83.0a1.en-US.linux-x86_64 with a blank profile (except for installing Tabliss)

(sorry for the noise, should have put all that in one comment...)

I'd like to +1 this, it regressed around Firefox 80.
I haven't changed an addon I use as a custom new tab, also tried different ones now - unless it's a Firefox default one, I lose first few characters I'm typing after doing Cmd+T.
Makes Firefox experience really poor for keyboard-heavy users.

Same thing for me after updating Firefox from 72 to 82 on ArchLinux, I have to wait about 500 to 1000ms before starting typing in the URL bar or the first chars I typed will disappear and I'll have to retype everything. I'm using tridactyl with about:blank as new tab.

Keywords: papercut
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Just adding some search keywords to make this easier to find: URL bar, input lost, first keypresses lost, text lost, inputs deleted, race condition, text typed

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