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Show extensions are using the proxy API in about:preferences


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Bug 1425535 covers an API (and the Jazz UI) for showing if an add-on has configured the proxy settings using the (as yet) unwritten proxy.setConfig API.

If an extension has loaded any PAC scripts using the proxy API, that currently isn't shown in about:preferences and we should do our best to surface this to the user.

An example add-on that does this is:

Using the browser.proxy.register API and proxy permission.

The proxy.register API allows multiple add-ons to control the proxy behaviour, unlike other Jazz changes we've made (eg new tab), multiple add-ons can do this.
I believe the dependency for bug 1425535 was backwards. That bug is about implementing an API, so this should depend on that.
No longer blocks: 1425535
Depends on: 1425535
See Also: → 1429544
I mis-read this earlier, its not really at all related to bug 1425535 at all.  This would be new UI entirely.
No longer depends on: 1425535
See Also: 1429544
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Severity: normal → S3
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