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Preferences font size is tiny after latest nightly update


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Firefox 59
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Steps to reproduce:

Open the firefox preferences.

Actual results:

Starting in the 2018-01-05 nightly, the preferences font size is noticeably smaller, making it difficult to read. I've attached a screenshot comparing the font size in 58.0beta to the latest nightly (58 is on the left, nightly is on the right).

Expected results:

The font size should be the same as it was in previous nightlies.

I'm guessing this may be caused by bug 1379338?
Blocks: 1379338
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Hardware: Unspecified → x86
Version: 57 Branch → Trunk
(In reply to bgstandaert from comment #0)

> I'm guessing this may be caused by bug 1379338?

That's a reasonable suspicion!  I'll take a look.
Assignee: nobody → myk
Before bug 1379338, the font size in about:preferences on Mac was determined by, which sets |:root > * { font-size: 1.36em }|.

After bug 1379338, the size is determined by, which sets |.prefwindow { font: -moz-dialog !important }|, overriding the other rule.

I copied the latter rule from toolkit/themes/osx/global/preferences.css, where it had applied to <prefwindow> elements.  It's no longer necessary, now that in-content/preferences.css and in-content/dialog.css set the font-size for about:preferences and subdialogs, respectively.  So the fix is to remove it.

(I've checked that the subdialog font size is correct, and I've also checked that sizes are correct on Windows and Linux.  The only regression was in the main about:preferences page on Mac.)
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remove incorrect about:preferences font-size override

Dao recently fixed up the font-sizes in bug 1422100 so I'm redirecting review to him.
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remove incorrect about:preferences font-size override; r=dao
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