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13 days ago
I added a hunspell addon for the kabyle language based on the "Issin" dictionnary, a Kabyle dictionnary realized by Phd Kamel Bouamara from the university of Bejaia based in Kabylia. The addon is now functional but dosn't cover all the dictionnary entries.

The problem, is that Fireforx and Thunderbird do not seem to recognize the kabyle spellchecker. When I try to select the spell language, Firefox displays kab rather than Taqbaylit (native name of Kabyle) and it doesn't suggest corrections (the spellcheck doesn't work).

But, when I change the .aff, and .dic files into another language code (for example af), Firefox displays Africaans and the addon works well (the spellcheck works).

Is there something missed with Firefox and Thanderbird?

Here is the addon link:

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5 days ago
I tried to use the dictionaries locally with command-line hunspell, and failed to get them to work.

Just going to the dictionaries directory in the unpacked extension, and running `hunspell -d ./kab` and typing strings from the addon description. I also tried to rename the files to af.dic and af.aff, and they failed to work.

Testing a German dictionary works that way.

I didn't find a way to get debugging information from hunspell on dictionaries, sadly, but I think something's wrong with the files.

Comment 2

5 days ago
Created attachment 8942898 [details]
Kabyle hunspell

The same addon is installed with two ways.

One with kab name for the files .dic and .aff
The other I changed the language code and I put af.

The addon with kab code doee'nt work the other with the same files but with af code works well.
I tried installing the add-on from AMO:
* It shows up as 'kab', without a language name. I wonder if that's related to the lack of kab in
* Renaming the files, e.g. to 'de.*', make the dictionary show up as "German", but still no suggestions on spell check.

Comment 4

5 days ago
I updated the addon now, and put the one I'm using locally (the one I produced along with the university of Bejaia). But i still getting kab rather than (taqbaylit) but the spellckeck works fine.
(In reply to Francesco Lodolo [:flod] from comment #3)
> * It shows up as 'kab', without a language name. I wonder if that's related
> to the lack of kab in
> global/

This seems like a good explanation
See Also: → bug 586085
Depends on: 1263437
On second thoughts, I'm duping this against bug 1263437. Adding the language name to shows Kabyle for the dictionary name.
Last Resolved: 4 days ago
No longer depends on: 1263437
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1263437

Comment 7

4 days ago
I did a quick investigation, and the .dic file has bugs.

I modified the following:

I preceded the file with the number of strings, I removed the BOM, and I converted from DOS to unix line endings.

With those modifications, hunspell from the command line works.

I didn't dig into the affix file at all, but I suggest to do similar modifications around BOM and line endings there, too.
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