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[meta] - tracking bug for stockwell work in 2018 Q1


(Testing :: General, enhancement, P2)



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(Reporter: jmaher, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


For reference here are some general notes about next steps for stockwell intermittent triage:

What we plan to do in Q1 from the above list is:
1) [item 11] improve documentation (account for common mistakes, FAQ, adjust flow charts a bit more)
** add docs for additional responsibilities in next items
2) [item 2] disabling recommended bugs (needs more docs, and only a role once well trained)
3) [item 3] create a rotten oranges page (different from where we highlight failures that are on track to be disable-recommended- here we will notify owners so they are aware of impending doom for their test
4) [item 4] identify new failures (<7 days old) which we suspect will be high frequency, retrigger and help pinpoint the root cause
5) [item 7] compile stats and publish them bi-weekly to provide insight into volume, trends, and hi-light any other interesting facts

In addition, we plan to:
1) ensure the top 50 bugzilla components with intermittent failures are owner triaged
2) continue making test-verify complete and accurate
3) if time permits have a plan to make test-verify tier-1
4) if time permits prototype web extension using activedata to hide known intermittent failures on a try push
Depends on: test-verify
Duplicate of this bug: 1425854
Priority: -- → P2
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