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Remove datetimepicker binding and related ones


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I don't see it being used anywhere. So assume only thunderbird/seamonkey are using it.

Most of the instances refer to the content date time picker, which is a XUL panel with an iframe to an HTML time picker (which does not use the XBL datetimepicker binding).
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Lightning uses his own bindings but TB and SM use them in the Address book for the birthday setting. So we need to port them to c-c.

Thanks for the info.
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Bug 1428849 - Remove datetimepicker.xml bindings.

Thanks! Seems like a sane removal. I'm also pleased that this will help remove some of the confusion between this binding and the DOM datepicker code.

I can't find usage within mozilla-central outside of the tests you removed. I know that there is some usage still in comm-central, but I suspect those folks will be able to move this over to c-c without much trouble.

Assuming a green try push, r=me. Thanks!

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> +Bug 1428849 - Remove datetimepicker binding and related ones. r=mconley

Nit: "related ones" is kinda vague in this context. Perhaps "Remove datetimepicker binding and descendant bindings". Even "Remove datetimepicker binding" is probably sufficient.
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Remove datetimepicker.xml bindings. r=mconley
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