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Talos shouldn't extract its data into the source tree


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According to bug 1435346 and bug 1435342 it looks like running Talos locally is extracting its tp5n dataset (and possibly others?) into the source tree.

This makes it harder for developer tools to work properly as seen in those bugs - we have to add extra ignores.
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ideally in ~/.mozilla/talos/
maybe in objdir would be better.  We also have problems with the .develop files
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I did some work here and got stuck- one direction we are taking is a new tool 'raptor' that would get the benchmarks and tp6 pageset at a start- that is the majority of the uses of large datasets (but not all)- ideally that would use the objdir in setting up when running locally- we should have that done in April.  Remaining work would be:
* tp5, damp, tp5o_scroll, tps - all using the tp5 pageset
* manifest files that are edited to run against localhost (dynamically done with ./mach talos-test)

I believe the main work here is setting up a objdir/testing/talos/... directory where we can symlink/copy the talos bits during the build (like we do for reftest, mochitest, xpcshell, etc.) and then run the tests from there.
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