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Fix complicated.netmonitor DAMP error on Windows 10


(DevTools :: Netmonitor, enhancement)

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(firefox60 fixed)

Firefox 60
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firefox60 --- fixed


(Reporter: ochameau, Assigned: ochameau)




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Bug 1437028 disabled complicated.netmonitor on windows because it was permafailing on upcoming new Windows 10 hardware.
We should fix that error to keep it enabled on windows.
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Bug 1439991 - Re-enable netmonitor test on windows.

Robert, here is a green try with your patch from bug 1431161.
Could you confirm that your patch and the try syntax I used are valid?
I just want to ensure I really fixed what was blocking you...
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Bug 1439991 - Fix complicated.netmonitor timeout on windows.

Oh, yes, I was seeing this today and wanted to do the same.
R+ assuming try is green.

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Depends on: 1431161
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Bug 1439991 - Re-enable netmonitor test on windows.

Hi Alexandre, thanks, r+ with the one change that I suggested below. FYI: We are in the process of landing Bug 1431161 right now, once that lands you'll be able to rebase and try your patch alone on try again. Thanks!

::: testing/talos/talos/tests/devtools/addon/content/damp.html:14
(Diff revision 1)
>  // Bug 1400580 disable 'complicated.netmonitor' on Win
>  ChromeUtils.import("resource://gre/modules/Services.jsm");
>  var run_complicated_netmonitor = true;
>  if (Services.appinfo.OS == "WINNT") {
> -  run_complicated_netmonitor = false;
> +  run_complicated_netmonitor = true;

I would probably just remove 'run_complicated_netmonitor' conpletely and that block of code, and just set 'complicated.netmonitor' to true as it was originally. Thanks!
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Re-enable netmonitor test on windows. r=rwood
Fix complicated.netmonitor timeout on windows. r=Honza
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 60
Depends on: 1441476
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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