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Consider moving the cookies exception button to give it better context


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Attached image current layout
- There's a sentence that isn't easily recognizable as such because it wraps in an unfortunate way, and then there's the big line height and the sentence ends without a period
- It's not quite clear where the Learn More link belongs to
- The cookies section is glued to the elements above it as if this were settings for any kind of site data
- The buttons on the right side don't align with anything else, so you have to guess what exactly they refer to
Attached image proposed layout
Attached image another proposal
Not really sure why we align all buttons to the right. It makes the Exceptions button stand out more than it probably should. So here's a slightly more radical proposal.
Yeah, you're right, most of this is actually just a little sloppy implementation on my part, I'm already fixing all of that in bug 1441198 (which is on inbound right now). The spec looks very close to your suggestion (

We could dupe this bug but I think the proposal in comment 2 is interesting. I've talked about this with Amin a few months ago but never really followed up. Another idea could be to put the "Exceptions" button after the "Accept cookies and site data from websites" text.

Jacqueline, what do you think about the proposal in comment 2?
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Summary: Cookies and Site Data section lacks visual hierarchy, visual alignment seems random → Consider moving the cookies exception button to give it better context
Whiteboard: [storage-v2][triage]
While I can see the problem mentioned in comment 2, I think its more valuable to keep the design consistent with the rest of preferences in this case. I wouldn't say that we have a strong reason to break from convention here and having only this situation with the button in a different spot would be more confusing than helpful. 

We can always talk about changing this convention in all of preferences but that would be a wider discussion that shouldn't take place in this bug, so I would say we should mark as wontfix.
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(In reply to Jacqueline Savory [:jsavory] UX from comment #4)
> I wouldn't say that we have a strong reason to break from convention
> here

I think we do, the layout is still rather confusing. The Exceptions button looks more like it belongs to the other two buttons than to the "Accept cookies" radio field. In fact it's still misaligned with that label whereas the spacing between the buttons seems perfect (assuming they belong together, which they don't).

It's also not clear to me that we have a super-strict convention here. The Home page setting in about:preferences#general lays out its buttons horizontally.
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We have a new UI for this and a lot changed. The button is now called "Manage Permissions". I'll close this bug as invalid since the UI it references doesn't exist anymore, but feel free to give feedback on the new UI in new bugs.


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