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[meta] Storage (Site Data and Cookies) Management V2


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User Story

UI Concept:
Storage UI Guidelines:
WebStorage Privacy Guidelines:
We'd like to continue working on the site data section that was added in bug 1312351 and make it provide more user value, primarily by merging cookies and network cache into this section and improving different parts of the UI.

A preliminary spec with some points that are still open for discussion can be found here:

I'll update the User Story field with the most recent spec as we progress (we should try to get a non-moco-only version for the next iteration).
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User Story: (updated)
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Updated the user story to also include the relevant standards to consider in our implementation (our current design does not follow them at all, in my understanding).
User Story: (updated)
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Sorry for the late relnote addition:

Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: This project improved the site data management UI in about:preferences to be easier to use (and plugged a few holes in clearing site data).
[Affects Firefox for Android]: Not really.
[Suggested wording]: An updated and simplified UI for managing cookies and other data websites store on your computer.
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: There's a bunch of updated documentation around this:

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why did you delete the functionality to block certain domains from creating cookies? i don't get why the tracking/telemetry functionality gets new features but basic functionality like blocking cookies gets removed
also the "accept third party cookies" functionality was removed. this removed the functionality to disallow most of the time, tracking cookies from third parties. is there any replacement in the pipe that will re-integrate the removed functionality?
These functionalities were not removed, you can find them right below where they used to be, in a top level section (Privacy -> Cookies and Site Data) instead of hidden in a sub-menu.
seems the "Cookies and Site Data" entry was missing because my profile was too old. creating a new profile brought the entry back. thanks
(In reply to Sen Si from comment #9)
> seems the "Cookies and Site Data" entry was missing because my profile was
> too old. creating a new profile brought the entry back. thanks

In your old profile, check the following:
`browser.storageManager.enabled` - if false, this hides the Site Data UI
`dom.storageManager.enabled` - if false, this disables the Storage API which Site Data uses
`browser.cache.offline.enable` - if false in FF60 or lower, makes the Site Data UI never finish calculating your data
Depends on: 862465
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Depends on: 1469502
Depends on: 1480175
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Severity: normal → S3
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