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refactor beetmoverscript to strip it of all the hacks


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In bug 1424482 :jlorenzo added support for in-tree payload which makes it easy to be consistent with several tasks as the former way of doing it, via balrog_props, basically sucks and is unreliable the more we need more products (e.g TB, more fennec, etc).

For that reason, we need to:
* prep a PR that kills balrog_props altogether
* all in-tree tasks need to have relprops payload, correctly specified
* all the hacks/checks depending on platform/stage_platform need to go away as soon as possible

More motivation for this lies within TB difficulties to set those fields properly. See bug 1437586 for more details.

Other changes that could be implemented along the way are:
Assignee: nobody → mtabara
Depends on: 1443588
Bug 1445910 will remove balrog_props from tree. Let's make sure we cleanup beetmover by then too, targeting 61.
See Also: → 1445910
Depends on: 1447688
Note to self: to reiterate, reread for more ideas on what to get along there.
Component: Release Automation: Other → Release Automation: Uploading
Depends on: 1466197
Depends on: 1387021, 1461663, 1461303
Depends on: 1449150
See Also: → 1462393
Some of this are to be addressed with upcoming work for declarative artifacts.
Depends on: 1466714
Comment on attachment 9020733 [details] [review]
[beetmoverscript] strip of bouncer.apk  as it seems unused

r+ by Callek and Johan in the PR.
Landed to production with the 7.10.1 bump today.
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Attachment #9020733 - Flags: checked-in+
Most of bugs are now done here. We can close this.
Closed: 4 years ago
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