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Should be able to disable download manager for e-mail attachments


(SeaMonkey :: Download & File Handling, enhancement)

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Using Build ID 2002051308 on Windows XP Pro

There needs to be someway of telling the download manager not to show up for
viewing of e-mail attachments, either but never doing it for attachments or some
preference. If you look at the download manager after it's "downloaded" the
attachment the file shows up as 0K. Maybe if an attachment has not downloaded
with 5-10 seconds the download manager should show up otherwise it doesn't?
This is a download manager issue... it currently has no way to specify that it
should not be opened.
Assignee: mscott → blaker
Component: Networking: IMAP → Download Manager
Ever confirmed: true
Product: MailNews → Browser
QA Contact: huang → sairuh
I believe saved attachments should never appear in the DL manager (ie, no need
for a preference). It's pointless to show them there, it just adds more useless
entries to the DL list (see also bug 143949)

Someone please change platform and OS to "all" since this is not platform specific.
QA Contact: sairuh → petersen
I'll second that - it's quite confusing to users to see a "download manager"
appear when they open an email attachment. Mozilla shows the attachment download
progress (IMAP4) down in the status bar anyway. 

It also seems to set the download size to 1k when it finishes downloading an
IMAP attachment - a bit stange IMHO.
From the point of view of the ordinary user, or even me who writes software for
a living, the mail interface implies that the attachments are already there,
you're just opening them to read them.  Are they really being downloaded at the
time I open one to read it, or were they downloaded when I opened the email
they're attached to?  Guess I don't know the answer.

For me, the open download manager in this context is just clutter, and annoying.
*** Bug 237414 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
-> default component owner
Assignee: firefox → download-manager
QA Contact: chrispetersen
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Query tag for this change: mass-UNCONFIRM-20090614
Still happens with the new download manager, setting as enhancement request.
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Closely related to and probably dependent on backend work for bug 143949 and bug 132059.
Depends on: 143949, 132059
Assignee: download → nobody
QA Contact: download
I would sure like to see this as and enhancement.  

Agreed that it should never open for email attachments already saved locally.  So, for pop mailboxes, no download manager.
Is this bug still relevant ?
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